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About us

SOPAR (Society for Partnership) is a non-profit organization devoted to international development in India. Since 1977, our approach has been to help people to help themselves by providing the tools and resources necessary for communities to achieve sustainable development. We also encourage Canadians to open themselves up to the world and get involved with international issues as global citizens.


We long for a just and peaceful society in which each individual and each community is empowered and self-reliant; where human dignity, equal rights and equal opportunities are enjoyed by all.


Our mission is to support and strengthen the development process of India’s poor communities, particularly in Andhra Pradesh. SOPAR works towards its mission by providing financial, technical and administrative support to its partners in India. 


In pursuing our goals, we are guided by loyalty, professionalism, transparency, and a strong commitment to our cause.


Help people to help themselves


The notion of sharing between the privileged and the less fortunate is represented by the two halves of a sphere, which represents our single planet. The red colour is meant to evoke solidarity and friendship between diverse peoples.

The gray jets emerging from this point of sharing express the dynamic processes of human development, which take the form of concrete projects and programs.

The jets underscore the importance of development processes wherein people and communities participate in the realization of their own development. Numbering four, the jets reflect the four dimensions of human development: social, environmental, economic and technological.